Midweek Escape to the Armstrong Trail

I had today off from work, so I headed out to Kittanning to ride the Armstrong Trail! This was my first ride on this trail for 2016 and it was great to be back. Got a bit of a late start so I wasn't able to get in as many miles as I would have liked, but it was great to get out and enjoy a sunny Wednesday afternoon along the Allegheny River.

At the beginning of my ride, I rode up on quite a scene near the Monticello Furnace. A car had apparently run off the road, crossed over the trail, and crashed down over the hillside and almost into the river. Car parts all over the place and some damage to the trail. I didn't see anyone hurt or being taken away, it seemed like the accident had taken place a good bit earlier.

Emergency responders

You can't really see it well but there is a car down there.

The rest of the ride was really good, lots of sunshine! 

Monticello Furnace

Train beginning

Train end

Trail surface was wonderfully free of debris, they take real good care of this trail. Only word of caution is that the edges of the trail still a bit loose in places, so try to keep toward the center or you might find yourself sliding somewhere you don't want to! 

Lock & Dam 8

Approaching Templeton 

Reesedale Power Plant / Pittsburgh & Shawmut Railroad bridge

I made it a little over 15 miles and decided to turn around.

Evidence of beavers

A new little section of trail!

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the accident scene:

The car was down there.

Broken tree

Tire marks

Mile marker down