Morgantown Metric Century

This weekend I headed down to Morgantown, West Virginia to ride the Mon River Trail, Caperton Trail, and Decker's Creek Trail. When I left Pittsburgh the weather forecast said only a 20% chance of rain, so I planned on making this my first century ride of the year. It's only about a 1.5 hour drive from Pittsburgh; I arrived at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park at 10:30am. I decided to tackle the 19-mile Decker's Creek Trail first.

Decker's Creek Trail rises about 1,000 feet over 19 miles so I figured it would be best to get all of my climbing out of the way first. 

Lots of green! 

Decker's Creek flows alongside most of the trail. It's very noticeable as it's actually quite loud, lots of great rapids and little waterfalls. There are a few areas that you can walk down to the water, but be careful!

 Decker's Creek running along the trail.

Decker's Creek running along the trail.

Old stone walls, likely remnants from the coal industry.

Large cutout into the rock to accommodate train passage.

Small abandoned building near Masontown.

As I finally made it to the top of the climb, nearing the southeastern terminus of the trail the sky started to grey. I checked my weather app and saw there was now a 50% chance of rain, with green moving toward me on the radar.

Clouds moving in

Current end of the Decker's Creek Trail. I've gone a little further before, but this time it was just too swampy.

The climb up from Morgantown took me about 2 and a half hours to ride, but coming back down was a lot faster, only about an hour and a half! I did get a little bit wet, but I was able to duck into a parking garage back in Morgantown just as the heavier rain started to hit. After checking my weather app again, I decided to call off the full century and settle for a metric century (62 miles). It looked like I would have a short window to ride the 10 miles up to Point Marion and back before it would start raining again.

Deckers Creek Bridge at Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park

Fort Martin Power Station smoke in the distance

Mon River Trail North

The northern terminus of the Mon River Trail meets the Sheepskin Trail, a mostly still-undeveloped rail trail that continues on about 1 mile to Point Marion, PA and eventually will connect to the Great Allegheny Passage in Dunbar, PA for a total of 34 miles. Really looking forward to seeing this trail grow over the coming years.

Current state of the Sheepskin Trail. Rocky, but rideable!

Point Marion Lock & Dam

After stopping for a few minutes to eat some PB&J's and beef jerky at the Point Marion Lock & Dam, I headed back home. Once again made it back to my car just as it started raining. I really wish I could've ridden down to Prickett's Fort but the weather just didn't cooperate this time. I'll be back again this year!