Washington, D.C. Bike Trip: Day 1

I'm currently spending 4 days in our nation's capital, Washington, D.C. The main event takes place Sunday morning - the 1st annual DC Bike Ride, a giant car-free cycling event in downtown Washington. The city is closing 17 miles of streets for thousands of cyclists to enjoy a spin around the capital. I'm staying a few extra days to explore the network of trails in the area, specifically the Capital Crescent Trail, the Mt Vernon Trail, Rock Creek Trail, and the Rail Trail Hall-of-famer - the W&OD Trail.

I woke up at 6am this morning and it was raining. Drove all the way to Washington and it was raining the entire drive. It continued to rain and actually it still hasn't stopped raining since I got here! I arrived in Bethesda, Maryland around 11am and rode the Capital Crescent Trail down to the Potomac River and then rode through the city to the location where I had to pick up my registration stuff for the DC Bike Ride. There are bike lanes everywhere here, it's incredible! After picking up my ride packet I took a quick ride through the National Mall and then headed back to Bethesda to check in to my Airbnb. After checking in I took another ride, just kind of wandering around... there are so many places to ride! I ended up riding the awesome Little Falls Stream Valley Trail (see above pic) and then riding through an old Art Deco amusement park called Glen Echo Park.

I shot a ton of GoPro video footage, so I'll be posting a video soon. Time to get some rest, I have to get up at 6am again so I can make it to the DC Bike Ride before 7:30am - very excited!

Please enjoy some photos from my rides today:

Washington Monument

Capital Crescent Trail bridge over the C&O Canal Townpath

Capital Crescent Trail tunnel

Capital Crescent Trail

Little Falls Stream Valley Trail

Little Falls Stream

The Black Rock

Nice shot of the Capital Crescent Trail

 27.10 Miles - Map by  Cyclemeter

27.10 Miles - Map by Cyclemeter

 21.71 miles - Map by  Cyclemeter

21.71 miles - Map by Cyclemeter