Ghost Town Trail & Blairsville Riverfront Trail

Woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning, hitting the Ghost Town Trail at 9:30am from the Saylor Park trailhead in Black Lick, PA. What a good trail!

Mile 0

Blacklick Creek, running through State Game Lands 276

Approaching the abandoned town of Claghorn 

Bridge abandoned in 1924

Buena Vista Furnace ruins

That is a SNAKE poking his head up from under the bridge!!!

Great bridge over Blacklick Creek

Just beyond Dilltown

Rexis Branch of the trail starts on the left.

Eliza Furnace in Vintondale, PA

Vintondale, PA

Mile 32 in Ebensburg, PA

At the end of the trail I took a right down the road looking for somewhere to buy some water and snacks but didnt see anything good so I headed back toward home. 

Nanty Glo, PA - Stopped at the pharmacy to fuel up on liquids and snacks

Beaver dam right along the trail

Decided to head up the Rexis Branch of the trail

The Rexis Branch is 4-mile spur of the Ghost Town Trail. Heading north there is a noticeable climb, but it's fun coming back down!

Small snake chilling near the north end of the Rexis Branch

Route 422 bridge, end of the Rexis branch

Wehrum bridge construction

Almost back at Saylor Park

After riding the Ghost Town Trail, I decided to head over to the Blairsville Riverfront Trail since it was only a few miles from Saylor Park. The trail in Blairsville is very short -only 1.7 miles- but it's very well cared for and peaceful. The trees are tall and the trail is wide. I had a slow peaceful cruise up to the Blairsville Veterans Memorial Park where I happened upon some kind of small local music festival. I watched a band play "867-5309" then headed back to my car.