Fresh Asphalt on the Eliza Furnace Trail

Riders of Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Heritage Trail will be delighted to learn that the Eliza Furnace segment of the trail has recently been repaved. Trail users will find a new smooth asphalt surface that stretches for over 1 mile, from the Birmingham Bridge all the way to the Swinburn Street trailhead. 

This area of the trail has been undergoing some construction, with work crews often working along the trail and occasional overnight trail closures. Friends of the Riverfront advise that construction is still ongoing, and will resume the week of July 25th. 

Now there is a nice, smooth transition as you pass over Bates Street. No more bracing for impact!

It's exciting to see Pittsburgh continuing to improve bicycling infrastructure. The Eliza Furnace Trail is a 'main artery' for bicycle commuters, particularly college students. The trail, which is also contains a portion of the 150-mile Great Allegheny Passage, provides an excellent connection between the campuses in Oakland to the South Side, as well Downtown Pittsburgh.