Pine Creek Rail Trail: Day 1

I recently had the pleasure of spending 3 days riding one of the most incredible rail-trails that I have ever encountered. Located about 150 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, deep in the "Pennsylvania Grand Canyon", lies a 61-mile slice of heaven known as the Pine Creek Rail Trail. 

Watch our Pine Creek Rail Trail: Part 1 video on YouTube!

Driving from Pittsburgh, I stopped about halfway and rode the David S. Ammerman Trail in Clearfield, PA. It was a nice way to break up the 3-hour drive to Pine Creek Gorge.

I rented a cabin in Cammal, a small town located about 20 miles up Pine Creek. After checking in and unloading my gear, I quickly hopped on the trail (located right next to my cabin!) and headed south to the southern terminus in Jersey Shore.

I had been following the trail's awesome Facebook community and studying Linda Stager's , "The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guide Book" for a while, so I knew the trail was beautiful - but no words or pictures can possibly describe how spectacular this trail actually feels when you ride it. You need to start planning your own trip now!

Lots of cool old railroad bridges.

Giant mountains of mountain.

I ended up seeing a wide variety of wildlife on this trip. In total I saw 2 black bears, 2 bald eagles, 2 grey foxes, a whole bunch of deer, herons, frogs, toads, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and a rattlesnake!

Saw this bear pokin' his head up, near Jersey Mills

Southern terminus in Jersey Shore, PA

Made it back to Cammal just before sunset

Sunset at Ross Run

 47.91 miles - Map by  Cyclemeter

47.91 miles - Map by Cyclemeter