Improvements Made to the Armstrong Trail

Great ride today on the Armstrong Trail and a section of the Redbank Valley Trail. I started at the bowling alley in Kittanning and rode the 25 miles to East Brady in about 2 hours. I noticed many new improvements to the trail, including the brand new East Brady Riverfront Park! 

East Brady Riverfront Park

The park is not yet completed, but it's off to a great start! It currently includes a paved section and parking lot, interpretive signage, and a ramp walkway ramp down to the Allegheny River. There also appears to be plans to add an ADA-accessible floating fishing pier, a playground, and picnic areas.

Paved path down to the river

Allegheny River


I also noticed new permanent mile markers are being installed. They are concrete mini-obelisks that are currently blank. They appear to be Erie to Pittsburgh Trail mile markers, which can currently found on the Allegheny River Trail (example). Exciting to see progress being make on the EPT!

I also rode through the Ford City section of the Armstrong Trail, all the way down to Rosston. This portion of the trail has seen a huge amount of improvement! There are two whole new parts of the trail. Previously, riding all the way to Rosston meant riding a couple of short, on-road sections. Now there is smooth crushed limestone!

 80.31 miles - Map by  Cyclemeter

80.31 miles - Map by Cyclemeter